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the I.O. was founded by composer-keyboardist-guitarist ben morss. he played with Cake. he played with Wheatus. he writes musicals. he is a trained composer. he led pop-punk goofballs The Pilgrims to nationwide college radio charts. one of his musicals is published by Samuel French. you can hear his playing in the movie Sidewalks of New York. he played with California acid-jazzers 11:11 at sxsw and nxnw.

on bass is the melodic and powerful Rus Wimbish, and the amazing Dan Davine bangs on the drums with an unearthly combination of ferocity and precision. The band also features the melodic and crunchy guitar stylings of Shawn Setaro, the powerhouse vocals (and sax and Casiotone work) of Tate Evans, the astonishing vocal and violin talents of Lucas Steele, fancy fingerboard work from cellist Joanne Lin, internationally acclaimed violinist Ben Kreith, and the skills of other fine string players who float in and out of the Orchestra like dandelion seeds in a spring zephyr.
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